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  • ✓ Basic and easy Script.
  • ✓ Simple plug and play.
  • ✓ Adjustable Aim Assist Strength.
  • ✓ No Bloom or Recoil!


  • ✓ New Advanced Aim Boosters.
  • ✓ Shake-free experience.
  • ✓ Strongest Aim Assist.
  • ✓ Anti-recoil!


  • ✓ Your very own custom Script!.
  • ✓ Strongest Aim Assist.
  • ✓ Tailored to your sensetivity.
  • ✓ Newer methods!!

#1 Fortnite Zen Script



Instantly receive an easy tutorial on how to bypass Fortnite Bans!


Easy to use

You don't need any prior experience to scripting. Just one press and you're on your way to victory.


Fast Support

Receive support from our quick staff members within seconds of creating a ticket!


Regular updates

Our Scripts are updated regularly, to assure your script will be up to date!

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